Il miglior pizzaiolo! Sei tu?

Welcome to the thrill of dough, the sizzle of sauce, and the artistry of toppings!
We are delighted to present you the Belgium Pizza League.

Belgium Pizza League is not just a competition, it’s a canvas for your culinary creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned pizzaiolo or a passionate amateur, this contest invites you to show off your pizza skills and compete for the title of the ultimate pizza artist in Belgium.


Flanders Expo - Horeca ExpoMaaltekouter 19051 Ghent

How to participate?


November 18 & 19 10:00 - 18:00

About the contest

Get ready to knead, toss, and bake your way to pizza glory in the Belgium Pizza League! May the best pizza win!

Diverse categories

There are three categories in the competition.
It is possible to pick more than one!




Judging panel

Your pizzas will be assessed by a panel of experienced judges, connoisseurs in the art of pizza making.






To participate in the Belgium Pizza League, we ask a registration fee. 

All information is in the registration form.

The registration is completed once we’ve received the payment.

Let the countdown begin!

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Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about the competition,
please do not hesitate to contact us through this contact form
or on social media!

    Different categories

    Classic Pizza

    The “Classic Pizza” competition will take place with wood or electric ovens at the choice of the contestant.

    For this category the maximum competition time is 15 minutes.

    The pizza will have to have a round shape and be baked in the oven, directly on the refractory pizza stone.


    The “Teglie Pizza” competition will take place with electric ovens.

    For this category the maximum competition time is 40 minutes.

    Pizza Napoletana Contemporanea

    The “Pizza Napoletana” competition will take place using wood-fired ovens.

    For this category the maximum competition time is 10 minutes.

    The judges

    Sergio Polinotti

    Sergio is the president of our jury.
    He runs his own pizzeria and has been teaching pizzaiolo courses since 2018.
    Sergio is always looking for the perfect mix between classic pizza flavors and original ideas.

    Visit the Instagram page of Sergio Polinotti!

    Raffaele Di Stasio

    Raffaele is a Neapolitan pizzaiolo and is no stranger to the world of culinary delights.
    He has participated in numerous national and international competitions, achieving excellent results.
    Last year he even was the winner of the world pizza championship!
    Raffaele is extremely passionate about his work and puts his heart into everything he does.

    Visit the Instagram page of Raffaele Di Stasio!

    Simone Chiappini

    Simone is a pizza and bakery master with many years of experience.
    He gives private and online courses, as a teacher and a consultant for the pizza industry.
    He is a master in the techniques of preparing Neapolitan pizza, schiacciata toscana, pizza alla palla, baguette and tartin bread.

    Visit the Instagram page of Simone Chiappini!

    Salvatore Farina

    Salvatore is a professional pizzaiolo with a love for dough and the pizza world, but especially for Neapolitan pizza.
    He tells you about pizza from a scientific point of view.
    Salvatore lives by the motto: pizza is a way to spread love!

    Visit the Instagram page of Salvatore Farina!

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